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Combining performance with commitment to the environment

In line with the Group’s commitment to sustainable management of finite resources and the challenge of climate change, Distribution Solutions handles several environmental initiatives:

  • Development of construction solutions focused on energy conservation: insulating walls, metal-reinforced construction solutions, early incorporation of the RT 2012 thermal regulations into the construction products offer.
  • Development of renewable energy specialities: wind turbine masts, solutions for photovoltaic installations…

In parallel, employees’ commitment towards the communities in which we operate comes out through several initiatives:

  • For many years, financial support has been provided to a medical team specialised in the care of abused children.
  • Logistical support has been provided to a social reintegration association recycling steel-based products.
  • A campaign to collect unused glasses resulted in the collection of nearly 1600 pairs of glasses from around the world, which were redistributed in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.

We give priority to sustainable management on the environment and we take care of our stakeholders. We are really attentive on how we do what we do. This is a personal commitment from everybody within Distribution Solutions.

Global view

- 200,000 active customers
- 400
facilities in more than 30 countries
- 12 Mt
of steel processed or distributed worldwide
- All markets, all steel products, all customer types

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